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Jaime Lang, MPH
HeartMath® Certified Resilience Coach

Photo by Studio 828 Photography.

To me, life is all about synergy. We are more powerful and impactful working together than we are alone. My professional and personal lives have also worked in synergy, with a few bumps along the road for good measure.

A cancer survivor and long-time believer that a positive outlook can help us navigate the tough times, I had always been very interested in stress management. I was fascinated by how we react to stress, and what makes some people more stressed out than others in the same situation.

Medical issues have a way of teaching us things about ourselves. It wasn't until I suffered from a concussion that I truly learned the importance of stress management as a lifelong journey, but also came upon the concept of resilience.  My view of life was forever changed in my healing process. I realized that life is a series of processes with an ebb and flow of joy and pain. The secret to resilience is how to use that joy and pain to change our outlook on life, thus shifting deep physiological patterns and thought processes.

Trained in the Community Resiliency Model and a HeartMath® Certified Resilience Coach, I have taught resiliency tools and techniques to hundreds of team members at Mission Health System. I’ve worked with several populations for over 10 years including business professionals, older adults, caregivers, adults and children with special health care needs, emergency personnel, working moms, and cancer survivors plus those in treatment. With a Masters Degree in Public Health and having worked in nonprofit, governmental, and healthcare sectors, I've experienced the daily stress that takes over our lives.


While still a believer that a positive outlook is beneficial, it does not prevent the stressors from showing up in our lives, so we must rewire our brains and physiology to help us to react to stressors in a different way.

Contact Jaime to learn more. Virtual workshops, one on one coaching, or any ideas you have for your organization/business, let's chat!

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